Students and staff at an island high school were today due to practise a lockdown drill.

Ramsey Grammar head teacher Sonia Taylor insisted there have been no threats to the school and the drill was nothing to be worried about.

It’s the first time a lockdown procedure has been practised with the whole school.

This afternoon’s drill came a week after a school in Ammanford, Wales, went into lockdown when a 13-year-old girl allegedly carried out a knife attack at the end of the morning break.

Two teachers and a pupil were stabbed. All three were taken to hospital for treatment to knife injuries but were discharged the following day.

In a statement, Ramsey Grammar’s head teacher said: ‘Health and safety of students and staff is the highest priority for our school.

‘On a termly basis we practise fire drills and this afternoon we are going to be practising our first lockdown procedure with the whole school.

‘To my knowledge, Ramsey Grammar has never had any incidents requiring the whole school to lock down, but we do need to prepare in the event of ever needing to and this will form part of our termly cycle of practices.

‘This is not something to be worried about as the school is not facing any threats, but I want all students and staff to be confident in knowing what do to if we did ever face a risk.

‘Today will be simple run through of what to do when an alarm is activated, and we will be taking feedback from staff and students on changes that may need to be made to the procedure to ensure efficacy.’