A 56-year-old man has been handed a suspended sentence and a restraining order for domestic abuse.

Michael James Holden admitted the offence but disputed some of the prosecution facts, namely that he had kicked and punched his ex-partner.

A Newton Hearing was held and found in favour of the complainant, so Holden was sentenced on the basis that he had kicked and punched her.

He was also ordered to pay her £1,200 compensation and £1,300 prosecution costs, due to the Newton Hearing being held.

We previously reported that Holden was hosting a party at his home, at Fairways Drive in Douglas, on August 8.

His then girlfriend, who was the complainant in the case, was also present.

Holden was said to have received a text from an ex-partner, asking: ‘Are you coming round tonight?’

This prompted an argument with the complainant.

They were then said to have argued over her having exchanged contact details with a man who had paid for her shopping in Tesco.

Holden was said to have pushed his partner to the floor, then kicked and punched her in the back, before grabbing her by the shoulder to throw her out of the property.

She said that she had flailed her arms during the altercation and may have scratched him.

Holden was then said to have thrown her clothes out of a window, along with her iPhone, which was then damaged.

The woman said that she had slept in the bathroom in her underwear with the door locked.

Defence advocate Jane Gray said that her client had been in a relatively short relationship with the victim and that the incident had been a one-off.

Ms Gray said that there had been no contact between them since the incident, which was now six months ago, and that Holden had no previous convictions.

The advocate asked for credit to be given for the guilty plea and said that the defendant recognised that alcohol had played a large part, and that he had self-referred to Motiv8, as well as not drinking since.

Ms Gray handed in letters of reference for her client, including one from his ex-wife, and said that he was involved with community sports clubs in the island.

The Deputy High Bailiff told Holden: ‘This was a very nasty incident, notwithstanding it appears to have been a one-off.

‘I saw the complainant give evidence and it’s clear your offending has had a considerable adverse effect upon her.’

The restraining order will run for six months.

Holden will pay the compensation and costs at a rate of £300 per month.