Isle of Man TT legend Michael Dunlop was caught on camera by fans in a state of anger on Sunday due to an issue with his helmet visor.

The star racer was forced to pull up outside St Ninian’s High School during the Superbike race on Sunday due to a visor issue while in the lead.

In footage filmed by fans looking on at the side of the race route, the Northern Irishman can be seen coming to a stop at the pavement before frantically attempting to adjust his visor which had seemingly come loose during the race.

However, Dunlop’s thick biking gloves seemingly stopped him from adjusting the visor successfully.

In the clip, he can be heard shouting in frustration before hurriedly taking his gloves off, slamming one down on the body of his bike.

Once ungloved, managed to remove his helmet and successfully adjusting his visor before putting his biking gear back on.

Onlookers shouted words of encouragement at him as he sped back off down Bray Hill, but Dunlop eventually finished 4th - despite recording the fastest ever TT lap earlier in the race.

A win during Sunday’s race would’ve seen Dunlop surpass his uncle Joey’s record of having the most TT wins.

However, Dunlop has since overtaken his uncle following victory in Wednesday’s Metzeler Supertwin race, securing win number 27 compared to Joey’s 26.

Click the video above to watch Dunlop’s moment of frustration.