Reporter Tom Curphey heads to the Baltic Inn for one of their famous TT breakfasts…

Foxdale, a small village in the west of the island, doesn’t exactly transform into a bustling haven of motorbikes during the Isle of Man TT fortnight as it’s slightly off the beaten track.

However among its many charms is the Baltic Inn, a pub affectionally known ‘the ‘Tic’ and revered by locals for its fine ales and roaring fire.

For a number of years now the venue has become a magnet for visitors craving a quintessential breakfast during the racing fortnight.

And at just £9.50, it’s a bargain that’s bound to leaves both bellies and wallets content.

Given that I’m now classing myself as an unofficial ‘food connoisseur’ following my successful mission to feed Grandstand mission with just £20, I decided to head there one crisp morning. 

The doors of the Baltic Inn swing open at 8am to reveal Judith, the ever-welcoming landlady, ready to greet the day’s early risers. 

Despite its modest size, the pub offers ample room for patrons to settle in and get comfortable.

I arrived with an eager appetite, having heard tales of the legendary TT breakfast from both friends and visitors. 

I was assured that while the Baltic Inn lies slightly off the main route, promises a breakfast experience that’s truly worth the detour. 

And indeed, as I stepped inside, I was met with the aroma of sizzling bacon and freshly brewed coffee, a symphony for the senses that immediately felt like home.

The promise of free tea and coffee was a delightful bonus, further cementing the Tic’s reputation as a beacon of community spirit. 

Tom outside the Baltic Inn
Tom outside the Baltic Inn (Media Isle of Man )

I found a cozy spot and awaited the famed breakfast, observing the historic Foxdale pictures on the walls.

In no time I had a full plate in front of me. And it did not disappoint. 

The toast was, well, toasted exactly how I like it – crisp yet not overly done. 

The fried egg, its yolk a golden delight, was cooked to perfection, complementing the generous portions of sausage, bacon, black pudding, tomatoes, and beans. 

It’s easy to see why regulars who have relished the TT breakfast in years past always come back for another helping.

Even without the usual camping setup at Foxdale AFC this year, Judith assures me the breakfast crowd has not dwindled.

The draw of a hearty meal before heading out to witness the world’s greatest road race is irresistible.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere off the beaten track with great service and a cosy atmosphere, I’d recommend the Tic before its final breakfast day on Sunday.