There are a number of yearly traditions associated with TT week in the Isle of Man, but one of the most popular spectacles amongst locals and tourists is the stunning Red Arrows display over Douglas Harbour.

Eight red planes take to the sky, soaring through the air while thousands of spectators gather on Douglas Promenade to fixate on a variety of colours and routines.

Here is all you need to know about this year’s Red Arrows event.

When is it?

The Red Arrows are set to begin their display at 7:30pm tonight (Friday, June 7).

There were initial doubts as to whether the event would go ahead as planned due to the possibility of there being races this evening and helicopters present in the island’s airspace.

However, today’s racing has now been postponed and so the Red Arrows will go ahead as planned.

Further information can be found on our Isle of Man TT blog.

Where is it?

The Red Arrows will fly over Douglas Harbour, with the most popular spectator spots being on Douglas Promenade and Douglas Head.

What route will they take?

The eight planes will travel through Llannerch-y-medd in North Wales at 7:16pm, before arriving at the island (west of Port Erin) at 7:24pm.

The Red Arrows will then continue to the west of Peel two minutes later, before cutting across just south of St John’s and arriving over Douglas Harbour at 7:30pm.

The display over Douglas will last approximately 20 minutes, which will include a number of different shapes/formations and a variety of colours emitting from each plane.

The Red Arrows will then depart at approximately 7:52pm, before making their way back down towards Amlwch in north Wales.

What will traffic be like?

Traffic during the Red Arrows will be very busy, and large crowds will be gathered in certain areas which could cause travel disruptions.

The Emergency Services Joint Control Room issued an update which reads: ‘It wouldn't be TT without the Red Arrows performing an amazing display over Douglas Bay.

‘If you are going out to watch the display, please give yourselves plenty of time to find a good vantage point. The Red Arrows are very popular and Douglas will be very busy!

‘Please be prepared for delays in getting to or from your vantage points - especially if you are in the Douglas Head area.

‘Police will be in the area to assist with traffic flow but please be patient as it will take time to clear.

‘Our recommendation if the weather is good is to take a flask of tea and some biscuits with you and enjoy the views over Douglas whilst waiting for the traffic to clear.’