Police have issued a ‘TT crime alert’ - about predatory Manx gulls.

The Eastern Neighbourhood Policing team have posted details, only half in jest, of an incident involving an Australian race fan who was the victim of an aerial attack.

The Aussie visitor named Michael was swooped on by a scavenging herring gull which made off with the top of his sausage roll.

Police said Michael stopped an officer on foot patrol in Strand Street this lunch time (Wednesday) to report the theft.

The Eastern NPT post reads: ‘He was very upset and it took a while for him to calm down to fully explain his gripe.

‘The officer was rather confused as Michael's friend was laughing uncontrollably. It appears that poor Michael doesn't have much luck with birds of the feathered variety. ‘Having purchased a rather nice looking sausage roll he then encountered a Manx seagull which swiftly swooped down and ate the top off it without even a “hey boy”. ‘It was suggested that he could eat if from the other end in but he was clearly concerned as to where the bird had been.

‘Welcome to the Isle of Man Aussies and sorry about our predatory seagulls.’

Australian TT visitor Michael was the victim of gull attack
Australian TT visitor with the remains of his sausage roll (IoM Constabulary)