A documentary exploring the Summerland disaster in the Isle of Man launched on ITVX yesterday (Thursday, February 1).

'Summerland: The Forgotten Disaster' tells the story of those that survived, as well as bereaved families and eyewitnesses.

A total of 50 people died during the blaze at the Summerland Leisure Centre in Douglas in 1973, and a further 80 people were seriously injured.

The documentary begins by outlining why the leisure complex was originally built, followed by an account of the night of the fire told by those who were there.

This includes the documentary's creator (Joshua Stokes) speaking to Jackie Hallam, a survivor of the tragedy who lost her mother and friend that night.

The second half of the documentary focuses on the injustice felt by some who believe the catastrophe has never truly been recognised.

An inquiry into the Summerland fire concluded that a number of ‘human errors’ led to the blaze, with no one in particular being singled out to blame. A ‘death by misadventure’ verdict was given to all those who died in the blaze.

A campaign group, formed of Jackie Hallam and other survivors and bereaved families, are now fighting to overturn the verdicts.

In the documentary, Jackie says: 'How could they have come to the conclusion of death by misadventure? There is nothing. We did nothing. We took no risk. Going into a building to use it for the purpose for which it was built. I'm just appalled, appalled that the deaths of my mum and my friend and so many others were just written off in that way.'

The documentary concludes on the day of the 50th anniversary of the tragedy in August 2023.

‘Summerland: The Forgotten Disaster’ is available to watch now on ITVX.