For the next three months, Jurby Church will be full of mice, gnomes and an assortment of animals and birds.

A new exhibition is being held at the church, entitled ‘The Jurby Mice Celebrate Midsummer’s Day’.

It is the latest in Jean Tucker’s series of displays created with the help of Ros Richards, who has knitted hundreds of Jurby mice to be put on sale.

Mrs Tucker’s first display about a group of mice living at Jurby Chuch was created 10 years ago.

All funds raised from these incredible displays go to restoring the church.

The new exhibition tells the story of the Jurby mice’s Midsummer’s day celebrations.

The story begins as the mice read a notice on the church door from the gnomes of Leafy Green inviting them to their Midsummer’s Day celebrations.

The mice are dressed in their best clothes as they set off, some on foot with wallaby guides while others use Jurby Harelines for a faster journey.

They are welcomed to Leafy Green with Manx music by the Band of the Saplings and a group of broom dancers put on a display.

The gnomes live in bright toadstool homes and are famous for their cheese and there is a flower shop, a candlemaker, artists specialising in bird pictures, spinners, kite makers with beautiful tiny cross -stitched kites and other selling their wares.

The gnomes have been busy organising a Fayre, with balloon sellers, bowling, hoopla, skittles, duck fishing, roundabouts and beautiful swans on the lake, and a fortune teller.

At the end of the day hedgehogs lead congas to the music of a jazz band.

Meanwhile the Celeen family are celebrating with a day on the farm, Ballaceleen, at St Cecilia’s Chapel.

Sir Juan has invited everyone to the farm where there is Maypole dancing, pony rides, pig races, sheep shearing, walking the alpacas and produce for sale.

This part of the exhibition is the work of Ros Richards and as with all of the exhibition the detail is amazing.

The Friends of Jurby Church have already received rave reviews for the new exhibition, with visitors saying it is ‘fabulous’, ‘amazing’, and ‘as good as anything you would see in a London exhibition’.

The exhibition is open daily from 10am until 4pm, until September 30.

There is also a flower festival at the church until this Sunday, July 10.

Sandra Kerrison and Shirley Dawson have made floral ‘hedges’ along the roadside, and the Friends are serving tea and cake for visitors.

During the Manx Grand Prix (August 20 to 29) there is tea and cake on offer.

All funds raised are for the restoration of Jurby Church, with the Friends of Jurby Church ‘working to give the church a future’.