I can assure you and all of our Manx public that, I for one will not be kowtowing to the bullyboy culture endemic throughout this Isle of Man Government and its departments, I’m sure many on this island and not least my mentor Trevor Cowin have just about had a belly full of the lies, misinformation, secrecy and this government’s default position to materialise any reason to enable them to wriggle out of their responsibilities to answer freedom of information applications, plus all the other rubbish that comes out of this regime.

Because of this Dr Ranson disgraceful fiasco created by our government, there now appears to be many of the Manx public who are voicing their concerns, some are saying, is it now the time to consider asking Westminster to be called to our rescue to question if our government’s past and present bad behaviours should come to an end.

Clearly we desperately need to establish good governance on this island?

The Manx Public need and rightly deserve a Manx People’s Pressure Group to challenge this administration, that of course should be the job of our backbenchers but most of them are compromised as they hold Isle of Man government department jobs!

We all need to stand together, “Power to the Manx People”

Alf Caine

Strang Road


This letter was first published in the Manx Independent of May 18.

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