I was upset to read this man [Ryan Lee Shepherd, Offender who hit girl and kicked puppy spared jail, Manx Independent last week] was not charged with domestic violence because his partner didn’t press charges and instead wrote a letter to the court.

I am even more upset that the High Bailiff didn’t charge him with animal cruelty.

I hope the puppy has been taken away from the family and the relevant charities have taken action on this.

This is animal cruelty and they should not be allowed to keep a pet if it’s going to be kicked. I hope the child hasn’t suffered any mental trauma as a result of his outburst either.

A recent domestic violence case whereby a woman was charged got a lot of publicity recently [Religious fanatic is given a jail sentence, Manx Independent last week] yet this one seems a classic case of someone getting away with it and no mention of the poor animal.

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This letter was first published in the Manx Independent of August 10.

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