We all want our wages to at least keep up with inflation, if not then our living standard is reduced.

Unfortunately, this is a fact of life; when the economy is doing well we get good wage increases, but when things are bad we don’t. The world is struggling economically at present, governments are living beyond their means and borrowing money to maintain infrastructure.

The Isle of Man is no exception; we have fallen into the same trap as every other county in the world.

The nursing profession is supposed to be a caring profession. While we would all like more reward, in the present financial climate, inflation busting wage rises are not possible. If the Isle of Man government were open and honest, they would admit that this island was on its uppers.

The government is digging into its reserves just to keep minimum standards going.

My points are these:

The government cannot afford to give you the rise you are demanding.

Nursing is a hard but rewarding job.

Take what is on offer. It is the best the country can give you.

If you are still not happy, you are in the wrong job and you should look for employment in a different profession.

Striking and industrial action is not compatible with a caring profession.

Lastly may I offer an unusual prospective to every voter on the Isle of Man.

For many years since I can remember the voting population of this island have voted for the nice guy.

The postman, the milkman, the shop owner or local nice person.

This was OK in times of plenty.

We are now in a pretty dire situation financially, it’s time to change our mind-set and regardless of nicety or ethnicity, vote for professional candidates who have the ability to address the issues we are currently facing.

I know this concept will be difficult with our voters, but unless we change our entrenched voting habits, we as a country are going to be in dire straits.

We seriously need professionals and not ‘nice popular people’ in our government.

Rodney Clarke

Laurel Avenue


This letter was first published in the Manx Independent of August 24..

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