There is an excellent article on page 9 of August 11’s Courier describing Braddan’s new Roundhouse Leisure Centre.

The manager says it will be a ‘gem’. It will certainly be expensive.

If Braddan takes a bank loan for £3.4 million as they wish the interest payments alone will be over £4000 a week before they start paying back the loan.

It is said there will be a dentist and a physiotherapist on site.

Will these be NHS or only take paying private patients?

The pharmacy will require a licence and a qualified pharmacist plus two assistants, the doctors at Palatine are going to have to write a lot of prescriptions to keep them going.

Will the 100 seat cafe be put out to tender for the highest bidder or do the commissioners intend to run the place themselves?

There is also to be a beauty therapist and a spa suite.

For myself I would rather have an NHS chiropodist and a Chinese take away!

Lastly how many public car parking spaces are there to be?

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This letter was first published in the Isle of Man Examiner of August 15.

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