On Friday, August 25, the last day of my holiday on the island I tripped and fell resulting in a severe gash to my head by hitting a harbour railing in Peel.

I staggered around bleeding profusely when a gentleman on seeing my distress saw me, stopped and got out of his car and, after finding my wife, insisted on taking us to the Peel Medical Centre where he waited for me to be seen by the nurse before driving us back to our car so that my wife could take me to Noble’s Hospital where, after receiving excellent treatment, I was able to return home on the evening ferry.

The reason why I am contacting the Independent is that I did not have time to get the gentleman’s personal details to thank him properly, all I know is that he was not originally from the Isle of Man but possibly had a South African accent and may live locally in Peel.

Would it be possible to include this in your letters section and if someone reads it they might be able to identify him and thank him for his help on my behalf?

Gil Davies


This letter was first published in the Manx Independent of August 31.

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