You claim they don’t exist?

The most common con from the stone heart of Big Carbon and their fellow travellers is to intone ‘Climate is always changing’. Like a good con, it sounds good but is not true. Sorry, Ms MacOwen.

(BTW, the Bible says, ‘Do not put a stumbling block before the blind’, which is exactly the sin committed by Big Carbon’s con on a daily basis).

Of course, ‘weather’ is always changing, but for the last 12,000 years our climate (an average) had been quite constant. The changes are now due to the industrial revolution that has emitted 1.5 trillion tons of CO2.

So, what has happened (predicted even in the 19th century)?

As climate changes, climate disasters are also increasing in number and harm.

Since 1980, the number of $billion+ disasters have increased five to nine times.

‘God helps those who help themselves’, by moving from dirty fuels to clean ones.

Jan Freed

Los Angeles


This letter was first published in the Manx Independent of June 9

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