A charity that supports people affected by issues surrounding alcohol, drugs, gambling and gaming is starting a new project to help those feeling isolated.

Motiv8 has been awarded £2,500 from the Manx Lottery Trust, which will support its Winter Wellness Workshops, to encourage participation and create ‘an inclusive environment’ for people feeling isolated.

During the workshops, Motiv8 will provide a warm space for service users to ‘feel safe and comfortable’, and attendees will be given a hot meal, have workshop talks, and external local artisans will be invited to teach crafting classes.

It is also offering minibus or taxi collections for those unable to travel to the workshops themselves.

The charity will buy blankets and heated over-blankets for those less able to move around at home, as well as winter wear items such as hats, snoods and gloves.

Chief executive Thea Ozenturk said: ‘We identified earlier last year that there was a need for these Winter Wellness Workshops, which we hope will empower people of various ages through their recovery.

‘Our aim is to reduce isolation by opening up our warm space as much as we can, to prevent hunger and isolation amongst vulnerable members of our community.

‘During the sessions so far, our groups have decorated alcohol-free Christmas cakes which they took home and shared with their families, and also made Christmas wreaths.

‘Their self-confidence has grown in leaps and bounds!

‘We are extremely grateful for the funding from Manx Lottery Trust, which will allow us to offer vital support during what might be a difficult winter for many.’

Its chairman, Stephen Turner, added: ‘We were pleased to support Motiv8 with funding from the Community Warm Spaces Fund, as these workshops will be fundamental in helping people get back on their feet, whilst also providing them with a warm space over the winter months.’

The workshops will take place on a Monday and Thursday each week.

The primary aim of Motiv8 is to minimise the harm associated with alcohol, drugs, gambling and gaming problems, across entire families and across the island.

The support service has a freephone number (627656), with no waiting lists and by talking to a trained counsellor from day one, anyone ‘can be assured of confidential support and a road to recovery’.

This grant is from the Manx Lottery Trust’s Community Warm Spaces Fund.