The ‘Magnificent Seven’, a group of dogs from the Isle of Man who perform in obedience competitions, have returned from a trip attending shows in England.

The group attended shows at Cheltenham and Worcester.

The shows were described by Janette Mitchell, one of the dog owners, as ‘a learning curve’.

None of the Magnificent Seven placed in the Cheltenham show however Mrs Mitchell said it was ‘all good experience’ for the future.

Mrs Mitchell added: ‘being from the island, we don’t get to as many shows as people across the water.’

Joe Waylin’s collie, Sydney, fared the best out of the bunch at Worcester, finishing fourth in the novice category on the Sunday and fifth in the novice category on the Monday.

The Worcester show presented a slim chance for the high finishers to compete for a spot at ‘Crufts’ but the Manx group all came up short.

At the Worcester show, the group were surprised to see one of the cracks in the ground to be in the shape of the three legs of the Isle of Man flag (pictured).