A major resurfacing project on the A1 being undertaken by the Department of Infrastructure is nearing completion.

However plans to asphalt the the Jubilee Oak yesterday (Thursday) were foiled by damp conditions, preventing the DoI crews from applying the tack coat that's required to bind the wearing course of asphalt to the carriageway.

The extensive work started on January 10, and has seen the junction with Braddan Road to the junction with Saddle Road being resurfaced, with the route shut and made one way for large periods of this month.

But the project is now in its final stages.

With good weather today (Friday), it is anticipated that the last section of surfacing will take place. The Braddan Road/Peel Road junction will stay closed overnight to allow the asphalt to cool and harden.

At around 8am tomorrow (Saturday) the Braddan Road/Peel Road junction will reopen.

The road will remain one way from Braddan Church roundabout towards Quarterbridge over the weekend and into next week.

The planned weekend closure of the Jubilee Oak roundabout will not be required.

It is planned to complete line marking next week. The current temporary traffic order expires at the end of the working day on Wednesday, January 31.

The DoI added: 'As line marking needs a relatively dry surface to be successfully applied it may be that the temporary order may need to be slightly extended if we have unsuitable weather.

'A decision about this will be made next week when we know how the lining work is progressing.'