A 54-year-old Douglas man has appeared in court after his dog bit two people on two separate occasions.

Robin Williams was given an order to keep his Catalan Sheepdog, Bruce, under proper control.

Prosecuting advocate Peter Connick told the court that Mr Williams was walking his dog on Westbourne Drive in Douglas, opposite Ballakermeen Stores on September 20.

The first complainant was walking towards them and as they crossed paths, Bruce jumped towards the male and bit him on the upper left thigh, leaving two bite marks.

On November 23, Mr Williams was again walking Bruce at the same location, when the dog bit another male on the right leg, leaving teeth marks.

Mr Williams was interviewed on December 13 and told police that Bruce was a rescue dog, who had a Spanish passport, but that he was not fully aware of the animal’s history.

He said that he had since bought a muzzle to put on Bruce when he was in public.

Mr Connick said that a photo of the muzzle on the dog had been provided.

Advocate Jim Travers said that Mr Williams had taken remedial measures since the incidents.

He said that, not only had a new muzzle been purchased, but also a more robust harness, and that in addition to this his client was now taking the dog on a different route for his walks.

Mr Travers said that it had been bizarre that both incidents had occurred in the same location and that perhaps there was some trigger there.

The advocate said that Mr Williams had shown proper concern for the two victims and had paid for a new pair of trousers for one of them, after they had been torn by the bite.

Deputy High Bailiff Rachael Braidwood said that she had noted all the new precautionary measures that the dog owner had now taken, and issued the control order, which has no specified period.

Mr Williams, who lives at Westbourne Drive, was also ordered to pay £50 prosecution costs by April 19.