A senior lecturer who is a specialist in cognitive behavioural therapy is taking Manx Care to an employment tribunal.

Raymond Dzingai Ndengeya, formerly of Ballafesson, Port Erin, is claiming constructive dismissal as well as victimisation and racism and discrimination due to heritage and race.

Mr Ndengeya is also claiming unfair treatment on the basis on his having not been a Manx Care employer on a Manx Care-run programme.


And he also alleges there was a conflict of interest and non-transparency in the commissioning of services by Manx Care to IsleListen.

He lodged his complaint to the employment tribunal on September 12 last year.

The case his due to be heard over three days at the end of next month – September 27 to 29.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Mr Ndengeya was senior lecturer at the Cabinet Office in the Office of Human Resources for six years until June last year and was cognitive behavioural therapy programme director for University College Isle of Man.

The latter position involved setting up the programme, liaising with relevant stakeholders and delivering the course.

Mr Ndengeya is currently associate charge nurse manager at Te Whatu Ora Health in New Zealand, a post which he has held since May last year.

His LinkedIn profile describes him as an ‘experienced cognitive behavioural therapy and public health specialist with a proven history of excellency in the hospital and healthcare industry’.