Health chiefs are seeking to allay patients' fears about the closure of a dental practice.

Regent Dental Care is to hand back its NHS contract at the Hillside practice to Manx Care.

See our report here.

The practice, which is on Ballakermeen Road in Douglas, will remain open until November 30 of this year, while Manx Care will look to re-tender the NHS contract to an alternative provider.

Manx Care has now listed frequently asked questions and replied.

Why has Regent Health Services Limited handed its contract for Hillside Dental Practice back to Manx Care?

The reasons for this are confidential to the contractor, and cannot be disclosed. Manx Care is trying minimise the disruption and impact on patients.

Is the practice likely to re-open?

Arrangements for the future of this service are currently being explored, however we can assure NHS patients within the practice that Manx Care will do its utmost to ensure that they will not be left without a NHS dentist.

What should I do if I am a patient at Hillside Dental Practice?

You do not need to do anything. Whilst the provider of your dental care is due to change from December 1 , Manx Care is working with Regent Health Services Limited to ensure there is minimal disruption and we will endeavour to ensure your dental provision continues with a new provider.

Should I re-join the dental waiting list?

We would not advise you to de-register and lose your current allocation, as another provider will be taking over your care. If you opt to de-register and join the waiting list, you will join on from the date you request it, and it is very likely you could be waiting a long time before you are offered an allocation

Who can I contact if I have queries or concerns?

Anyone who is concerned about this news can contact the Manx Care Advice and Liaison Service Team via email [email protected] or on the phone (+44 1624 642642).

Although the team will not be able to add anything further to the position outlined above, they will be able to capture any queries or concerns people may have which may arise from this news.

My routine appointment/check-up has been cancelled and I have not been offered a new appointment/I cannot book for my routine check-up – what should I do?

As the practice is ceasing services at the end of November 2023, Regent Health Services Limited has to prioritise patients who are already mid-treatment to ensure they have finished those treatments.

Therefore they have had to reduce taking new work on i.e. check-ups. However, if you have any pain, bleeding or swelling please contact the practice and the team will endeavour to arrange an emergency appointment for you.

We appreciate that you will have to wait a little longer for your check-up, but providing you have no pain, bleeding or swelling, your check-up will be able to take place when the new provider takes over.