The Manx Labour Party’s annual general meeting will take place on Saturday, May 25 at the South Douglas Old Friends Association in Douglas.

A party spokesperson said: ‘This year we aim to host a series of engaging discussions addressing pressing and multifaceted issues that affect our island, exploring potential solutions together. ‘Nick Hawkes of Reayrtys, an initiative advocating for constitutional reform in the Isle of Man, will be delivering a keynote speech.

‘The presentation will delve into the crucial, often underestimated role our constitution plays in everyday life - from election mechanics and policy development to international relations and regional partnerships. ‘Additionally, we will unveil the Manx Labour Party's 2024 manifesto. This document will outline our commitments and strategic initiatives aimed at tackling current challenges while seizing future opportunities for the betterment of all island residents.’ The meeting begins at 12.30pm. For more information, please contact [email protected]