Manx Radio’s refusal to comply with an Freedom of Information request into its staffing levels was not justified, the Information Commissioner has ruled.

The refusal was appealed to the commissioner by advocate Ian Kermode, who had submitted the FoI request.

Mr Kermode has submitted an FoI asking for details on how many people work at Manx Radio, the total number of employees, self-employed people and members of the news team.

He also asked for details on the total remuneration (pay) to all people for the financial year 2021/22, what the total remuneration was for the news team and what the total amount of government support given to Manx Radio was in that year.

However, Radio Manx Limited, which runs Manx Radio, refused to reply to the first six parts of that requesting, stating: ‘As the information requested relates directly to Manx Radio’s output, journalistic and creative activities it falls outside of the scope of the Freedom of Information Act and no information will be disclosed.’

It also refused to give information on government support as the information is already publicly available.

Mr Kermode firstly appealed to Manx Radio, which stood by its original decision, before then raising the issue with the Information Commissioner.

After an investigation, the commissioner found that Manx Radio did hold the information ‘for purposes other than those of journalism, art or literature’.

He added: ‘Radio Manx Limited was not justified, therefore, in refusing to give the information requested in parts 1-6 of the request to the applicant.’

As such, Manx Radio has 30 days to provide Mr Kermode with the information requested, or issue a refusal notice in accordance with section 17 of the Act. This section refers to absolute exemptions.