Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik, a 19-year-old from Douglas, has won the Femme Rebelle Body of the Year Award after making it onto the cover of the French magazine.

Mitzi was featured in the April edition of French fashion magazine Femme Rebelle.

Every model featured is entered into a public vote for various awards at the end of April, unless the model specifies otherwise.

The opportunity came about after Mitzi submitted photos to the magazine.

She said: ‘One of the best ways you can actually make money from modelling is to submit photos you take to magazines to try and make some deals.

‘It’s quite a tricky thing to do because you have to apply to hundreds of magazines in order to make one deal.

‘I usually do shoots myself. I organise them, and I pull in the whole creative team.

‘You have to pay for it yourself and decide what you’re going to do, how long you need – you completely coordinate the entire thing.’

Mitzi explained that when you do a photoshoot, you can usually expect to receive three photos that you have the rights to use for your personal use.

She found out about the award, after getting a newsletter from the magazine, which promoted a live stream of the awards.

To her surprise, when she watched the stream, she found out she had won the ‘Best Body People’s Choice Award’.

Mitzi added: ‘I’m actually really proud to have won that award, particularly because recently, I’ve been working out more.

‘It was also really nice that I was able to win with a French audience, particularly as I am not super thin. I think that’s really positive that you can have someone win this kind of award who is living a normal life. I can see why someone would see it as sexualising women, but I didn’t feel that way about the award, as I was wearing a dress. I didn’t think of it as a sexual photo.

‘When I read the criteria for best body, it was more about how you present yourself in the photo, and looking healthy.’

Shortly after her appearance in Femme Rebelle, Mitzi was nominated to enter Miss Glamour International, a beauty pageant which will be held in Singapore this year.

While Mitzi does not know who nominated her for the beauty pageant, to be able to nominate someone you need to be within the industry.

Mitzi said: ‘I am not sure if I will take part in it yet, as it is a typical beauty pageant, where they judge you on your appearances. It isn’t what you have done for charity.

‘It’s a tricky one, because part of me says I would like to do it.

‘I think feminism should be about accepting women’s choices, and if a woman wants to do something that isn’t traditionally feminist it should be accepted.

‘One thing that I do worry about is that I don’t want to be selling myself as someone who is completely looks-based, even as a model.

‘I think my value isn’t just looks, it is my personality.’