Police have furthered foot patrols in areas of south Douglas after an increase in reports of anti-social behaviour there.

The eastern community policing team is said to be monitoring the situation in the Pulrose area after some residents complained of issues including noise levels, parking issues and front doors being kicked.

MHK for the area Sarah Maltby says this is not necessarily an issue of more crime, she said: ‘I do not believe there has been a “rise in concerning behaviour” but more that it is being reported more which, as I say, should be encouraged.’

With some reports pointing to groups of teenagers as the problem, Mrs Maltby said: ‘I think it is important to remember that it is not always young people that draw the attention of the police in matters relating to anti-social behaviour and it is unfair to stigmatise an area because of the undesirable behaviour of a minority.’

Douglas Borough Council leader Claire Wells also said on the subject: ‘I think it’s fair to say that we have had reports about anti-social behaviour in all areas that we look after in Douglas.

‘There is not a specific area. There are small pockets in every estate that we look after where there are social issues, not specifically to Pulrose or anywhere really, everyone has got a small issue somewhere.’

Alongside Mrs Wells dismissing the suggestion of installation of CCTV as being inappropriate for this issue, Mrs Maltby praised the actions already taken by police, she said: ‘I have been impressed with the reactive approach of the eastern community policing team who are genuinely only on the other side of an email or phone call and are keen to help.

‘I would encourage residents to raise these issues formally with the police and have it logged officially with them as they are best placed to be able to monitor the situation and how best to support the residents effected.

‘More crucially though by informing the police they can try and get to the root cause of what is creating the disturbance in the first place.’

Though Mrs Wells acknowledged the council’s lack of powers to directly deal with anti-social behaviour, she said: ‘We support the police, we work very closely with them and we have regular meetings with them to deal with any issues that are in front of us and that’s the way we should be dealing with it as a society.’

Looking to the future, Mrs Maltby added: ‘The eastern policing team is continuing to build upon the community partnerships already established and I will support the introduction of data evidence driven interventions with a targeted approach to “hot spots” rather than the alternative of a blanket reactive approach which is likely to be unsustainable.

‘I would like to remind my constituents that if they wish to contact me my email is [email protected] or [my number is] 491712 and I can support them with making a complaint to the police.’