The Mountain Road will shut today at 9.30am.

It will be closed for three weeks.

The Department of Infrastructure is carry on with planned works, some of which started during last week’s four-day closure.

The scheduled works include

• Excavation of the road at the 32nd Milestone and replacement of the four failed drainage culverts that cross under the carriageway. This section of road will then be fully resurfaced and re-lined

• Repair and improvement to drainage at Windy Corner, before it is fully resurfaced and re-lined

• Carriageway patch repairs at several locations

• Clearance and jetting of drainage culverts at multiple locations

• Clearance of culvert outlets at several locations

• Repairs to culvert inlets and covers at several locations

• Installation of low profile kerbing at “Caseys” Corner & removal of roadside fencing

• Removal of redundant roadside fencing on the Mountain Mile and installation of additional reflective roadside Verge Masters in its place

• Replacement of damaged or missing Verge Masters at existing sites

• Replacement of Chevroflex warning chevrons at Brandywell

• Replacement missing cats eyes on the edge of the carriageway

• White lining where necessary (including the road between Ballure Waterworks and Tower Bends that was resurfaced last week)

• Verge maintenance (cutting and weed spraying)

• Road sweeping

In addition, the DoI will be working with Department for Enterprise and the Auto Cycle Union and their contractors to deliver race specific activities including

• Installation of one way signage (bagged ready for unveiling when system becomes live just before TT)

• Installation of one-way barrier system at Creg Ny Baa

• Bridges on Mountain Mile and Black/white kerbs to be painted

• Installation of race safety equipment (such as Rectocel barriers)

• Marshal and filming points to be installed (include scaffold platforms and shelters

• Installation of red flag race safety equipment

Other works include

• Felling of dead trees by DEFA between Ramsey Hairpin and Ballure Waterworks

• Re-instatement of failed roadside field retaining wall above Tower Bends by contractors for the landowner

• Deployment of safety equipment for the Manx Mountain Classic Hill Climb ( event to be held on April 29)

• Refurbishment of the weather station at the East Mountain Gate (Mountain Box)

The Mountain Road will be closed from

• Barrule Park Ramsey to a point just north of the entrance to Victory Cafe Isle of Man

• and from the Bungalow to The Creg Ny Baa.

Victory Cafe Isle of Man, the Snaefell Mountain Railway, and Snaefell Summit Restaurant and Cafe will open as they normally do with access available from the Tholt Y Will Road from Sulby

The Creg Ny Baa Hotel falls outside the closure area and will open as usual, with access from Douglas and Onchan via Hillberry or via The Creg Ny Baa Back Road.

Although the temporary road closure order allows for the road to be closed up to May 5, the fourth week is for contingencies only