The island’s new tip is opening today (Thursday).

The public are welcome in the Braddan site from 8am.

It is based in the Middle Park Industrial Estate off Kewaigue Hill near the incinerator.

It is to be operated by Douglas Council on behalf of Onchan, Braddan, Santon and Garff Commissioners, who all foot a proportion of the £3 million bill.

Some of the features of the new site include a larger re-use shed, more recycling and waste skips and increased parking.

The new Eastern Civic Amenity Centre will be open throughout the summer from 8am to 7pm (Monday to Saturday) and 8am to 4pm (Sunday and Bank Holidays).

During winter it will be open daily from 8am to 4pm.

It has been built to play a significant role in the recycling and re-using of house hold waste.

The facility is replacing the over-capacity Eastern Civic Amenity Site in Middle River Industrial Estate near the Pulrose golf course.

The former Eastern Civic Amenity Centre site is privately owned and it remains unclear what the future holds for the area.

The new facility has 10 parking spaces including two disabled spots.

Lieutenant Governor Sir John Lorimer and Lady Lorimer were invited to take a look at the new facility before it was opened, shown around by staff and Mayor Natalie Byron-Teare.

The mayor, the former chair of the Eastern Civic Amenity Centre committee which comprises officers and politicians from the five local authorities, said the new site provides ‘value for money, increased flexibility and convenience for residents’.

She said: ‘To all those who have played their part in creating such a worthwhile project, which has been delivered both on time and on budget, is a credit to those involved and will be a development which provides improvements for the public and protects the island’s environment.’

She added: ‘The new site not only continues to maintain and further establishes innovative waste management infrastructure, but is a facility which provides value for money, increased flexibility and convenience for residents.

‘This is a sustainable development which is equipped to provide much in-demand services while maximising how much waste we can recycle.

‘I have no doubt it will be used by the community for many years to come.’