There was no discussion about the Northern Civic Amenity Site at Ramsey Commissioners’ public meeting on Wednesday night.

However, the local authority did reject a proposal to have a ‘modest’ recycling area as part of a planning application on Claughbane Drive.

A proposal was put forward by the developer for a hard-standing recycling area, footpath and a seating area.

A number of objections were raised by residents living nearby.

The recycling area would have been 14.5 square metres and surrounded by a one-metre fence.

The commissioners agreed to support the construction of a path and picnic benches, but would lodge an objection to the hard-standing area.

A dog poo proposal was recirculated with information about where the worst areas for fouling are, and a list of actions other local authorities had taken.

However, the vote was split on whether to install cameras around the town, with a budget of £1,000.

Concerns were raised by Commissioner Luke Parker about GDPR, while Juan McGuinness said one camera could be used as a trial run. The proposal was ultimately rejected.

Commissioner Geoff Court raised a query he had from Ramsey Football Club about their proposed use of the Lickney Fields for training, and was told there has been no progress made about the use of the fields.

A swimming raft is likely to be put back in the sea for people to use during the summer months after it was damaged last year.

A roughly £300 risk assessment was completed about the safety of the wooden raft and it was recommended a pontoon style be used instead.

The board also agreed that since this report was done, it puts the local authority in a difficult situation if something bad does happen.

It was voted for by the commissioners that the £7,000 for a plastic raft wasn’t budgeted and therefore the wooden raft be fixed and put into the sea for summer.

By Emma Draper - local democracy reporter