In a time of ever-rising food prices, Isle of Man based app, Gander, wants to reshape the perception of reduced or ‘yellow label’ foods as poor quality, damaged or unwanted.

These goods are only reduced in price, not quality writes Stacey Williams from the company.

He goes on: ‘Yellow-labelled foods are one of the most misunderstood products in the consumer’s mind. I believe that with UK grocery price inflation at a record high of 17.1 per cent, it’s important to be aware that embracing reduced items can significantly diminish the weekly food bill.

‘For years, yellow-labelled foods and reduced items have carried the stigma of being seen as poor quality, damaged or unwanted, but these goods are only reduced in price.

‘We want to reshape this perception and, in doing so, help shoppers to lessen their outgoings during this difficult time.

‘We must start to help the shopper understand what ‘yellow-labelled’ foods really means. Reduced foods are sometimes simply surplus stock or close to their use by date. They still have a shelf life and useability.

‘Yellow labels are not advertised but can appear on any food, at any time, in any supermarket. Some days, hundreds of items will be on offer. At Gander, we believe that no food which could be safely eaten should go to waste. All supermarkets say reducing waste is a priority, but many aren’t following through on this. In fact, a savvy shopper can achieve significant savings, without sacrificing on taste or on being able to feed their family in a versatile way.

‘At Gander, we want people to view these items as desirable.

‘The Gander app allows the consumer to check which foods are marked down in shops and supermarkets around them, so that they can plan ahead for the day and make purse-friendly meals without compromising on taste. It is encouraging the public to pick up yellow-labelled items and see what savings they can make without having to give up the dishes they enjoy.’