An investigation has been launched after a video circulating on social media purported to show a man ‘locked' inside a government bus overnight. 

In the video, recorded and posted on Snapchat during the early hours of Sunday morning, the 'trapped' man can be heard repeatedly shouting and swearing angrily over the fact that he ‘can’t get out’ of the vehicle.

In the footage, he said he’d fallen asleep onboard the bus and the driver did not wake him up before parking-up and locking the vehicle at the end of the shift. 

The unidentified passenger then records himself aggressively kicking the bus, before smashing a window to get out. 

Once out of the vehicle, he can be seen kicking the exterior of the double-decker, calling it 'a stupid bus’. 

The video continues to show him climb on top of a Department of Infrastructure (DOI) van in a bid to try and jump over the large protective fence at the Douglas bus station depot.

After the video surfaced, the government has said that internal procedures are now underway and the police are involved in the matter. 

A full statement from the DOI said: ‘The division are aware of an incident that occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning due to a recently posted social media post. 

‘Internal procedures are underway and the division is working with the police on this matter, CCTV has been passed on. 

‘Due to an ongoing investigation we have no further news at this time.’ 

It's been confirmed that the vehicles involved in the incident, the bus and the DOI van, remain off the road while they undergo repairs. 

The Isle of Man Constabulary has said both the man recording himself on the bus and the crew at Bus Vannin have been in contact with police regarding the incident and officers are now investigating.