A number of patients were cared for in Noble's Hospital's emergency department overnight because of a lack of admitting capacity.

These patients were cared for on hospital beds and in single rooms. Manx Care has said the hospital is working hard to create room in its inpatient wards so they can be admitted.

As a result of these pressures, the Braddan facility is at OPEL 4 status today (Wednesday).

A Manx Care spokesperson said: 'Due to current pressures in ED, we are asking members of the public to "choose well" when seeking health and care support, and attend the healthcare setting that is most suitable for their clinical needs.

'Members of the public who require healthcare support are being asked to only use the Emergency Department (A&E) at Noble’s Hospital if they need to, and instead choose one of the other options available to them across the island.

'Anyone who requires urgent or emergency treatment at the Emergency Department will receive this, and should continue to seek treatment there as needed. They will be treated in order of clinical priority.'

The Minor Injuries and Illnesses Unit (MIU) at Ramsey District and Cottage Hospital is able to offer an X-Ray service between 9am and 5pm for the rest of this week , and members of the public should attend the MIU if they require an X-Ray or suspect they have an injury which will require an X-Ray.

Manx Care added: 'The MIU is able to treat a complex range of conditions including dislocations or breaks, sprains, minor head injuries where there has been no loss of consciousness, minor illnesses such as urine or water infections, ear, eye and throat infections, abdominal pain, abscesses and boils, muscular pain, headaches, rashes, cuts, burns, scalds and emergency contraception. The facility is open daily from 8am to 8pm.'