Public open spaces planned as part of a housing development in Ramsey would be transferred to the local authority’s ownership.

Hartford Homes has submitted amended plans to build 153 homes at Vollan Fields (23/00744/B).

Its scheme includes some 15,734 sq m of public open space including natural play areas for younger children and a sports pitch.

Ramsey Town commissioners at their latest public meeting voted to enter into a legal agreement with the developer for the town hall to take over ownership of the public open spaces.

The ‘section 13’ agreement will cover the four play areas and the play equipment.

Commissioners noted: ‘It is important that there is public open space within developments and it is equally important that it is transferred to the local authority to be maintained.

‘The proposed public open space is relatively large and open. Some developers tend to propose land that is small, in between properties, difficult to maintain and does little to enhance the development.’

Hartford Homes is seeking full planning approval for its residential development at Vollan Fields plus approval in principle for a primary school.

The proposed houses comprise a mixture of small and medium-sized properties, including bungalows and a total of 39 affordable two and three-bedroom homes.

An area of land to the east of the site would be reserved for a potential new school should this be required.

Amended plans were submitted in February following consultations with residents in neighbouring properties.

These include minor changes to the road layout, retention and replacement of hedgerows and the submission of a noise impact assessment.

In a statement responding to the consultations, Hartford Homes said: ‘It is quite clear that the suitability of residential development on the site is not in question here, nor is the question that there is a housing need.’

A number of responses questioned why the application included land reserved for a new primary school.

The developer said this was done to comply with the provisions contained in the Ramsey local plan which highlights a potential need for two new primary schools in the town.

Since that plan came into effect, Bunscoill Rhumsaa has opened but the Department of Education, Sport and Culture has advised that they wished to keep the option of developing further primary capacity in north Ramsey.

The developer said: ‘The application has therefore allowed for this future eventuality.

‘Should the department in future declare there is no need, the school site would be released for alternative use subject to a separate future planning application.’

The Vollan Fields site is located 1.5km from the centre of Ramsey and will be accessed via a through road linking Andreas Road to Bride Road

Hartford Homes’ application also includes plans to enhance the wildlife habitat of an area to the east of its nearby Royal Park development.