Police say they are getting increasing reports of conditions deteriorating dramatically in a lot of areas.

A spokesman said: 'Please stay at home unless absolutely necessary.

'If you must travel, please drive carefully, leaving enough room to the vehicle in front, and driving to the conditions.'

Closed roads:

Mountain Rd

Tholty Rd

Bagoade Rd

Ballagawne rd from Baldrine to Creg back rd

Douglas Rd corner to Ballig Bridge

Summerhill Rd

Poortown Rd before turning to Switchback

Derby Rd

Vicarage Rd

Barrule Rd

Cooil Rd to Braid (before Lhergy Crippity)

Other roads may be blocked by cars or impassable with ice. Please take care and only travel if necessary.

Please feel free to comment on this post with other areas currently blocked with cars to help each other out.

- Roads are totally blocked in Laxey including the main road

- Baldrine blocked

- Ballig Bridge to Douglas Road Corner passable with care

- Vicarage Road blocked

- Cooil Road blocked (can't travel out of Douglas)

- Kewaigue Road blocked

- Poortown Road blocked just before Switchback

- Sulby Glen blocked

- Ballafletcher Road near meat plant

- Derby Road, Douglas blocked

- York Road blocked by a bus