The Isle of Man Police Youth Cadets recently completed a 300-mile walk to raise money for island charity Victim Support.

The walk, which began at 8am on Saturday, October 7 and was completed by 5:35am on Sunday, October 8, saw 14 cadets take turns to complete laps of the NSC running track.

The cadets surpassed their target of 300 miles and continued to reach 320 miles, the equivalent of three laps of the entire island.

The event began with a visit from the Lieutenant Governor Sir John Lorimer, while the Chief Constable Russ Foster joined in by completing the first few laps.

Lara Hall-Borada, a 16-year-old cadet from Port St Mary who took part in the walk, said: ‘It was a lot of fun and a really good experience. It was a great accomplishment to complete it.

‘We chose Victim Support as our charity because they do a lot of work with the police and they’re not very well known, so it was good to not just raise money for them but also to raise awareness.’

A spokesperson for the cadets said: ‘This event was about learning to work together as a team and inspiring other young people.’

Currently, £1,460 of the £2,500 target has been raised. You can donate by visiting the ‘IOM Police Youth Scheme Cadets fundraiser for Victim Support (Isle of Man)’ justgiving page.