Three political parties have spoken out after the behaviour outlined in Dr Ranson’s tribunal.

The Liberal Vannin party has said it is ‘appalled’ and that no one should have to experience ‘these unprofessional and inappropriate behaviours’.

It’s calling on the government to ensure that events leading up to the tribunal liability decision are ‘properly and independently investigated’.

Last week, the island’s former medical director was awarded compensation amounting to £3.1m, which is the single largest win for a whistleblowing case for the British Medical Association.

Dr Rosalind Ranson was unfairly dismissed after making protected disclosures.

‘We note that those directly involved in the decisions and treatment of Dr Ranson have since left government employment and the Minister for DHSC at the time, David Ashford, quite rightly resigned from his role as Treasury Minister in the current administration,’ it said.

‘Whilst we welcome the action taken by government after the initial liability judgment, we agree that the final Tribunal award must not be the end of this process.

‘The issues raised by Dr Ranson around the handling of Covid-19 by the Isle of Man Government remain unaddressed and it is absolutely imperative that the independent review into the Government handling of the Covid-19 pandemic proceeds with its investigation at pace, with the full support of Tynwald.’

The party added that this case had reinforced its belief that a ‘more open approach to government and public administration is called for and long overdue’.

Manx Labour Party is in agreement, saying: ‘We believe this case raises serious questions about the treatment of civil servants even within higher positions and that some of the accounts given suggest a lack of professionalism and accountability by others in management.

‘It is unacceptable that any employee goes through such unfair or unjust treatment, especially when working for the betterment of our community and although we are frustrated the actions of some have led to already stretched public funds being spent compensating for mistakes we are glad that justice appears to have prevailed.’

‘We urge Tynwald to take a closer look at the management of the departments and bodies under their control and ensure that those who have acted improperly are reprimanded where appropriate and proper protocols are in place to prevent anything similar happening again.’

The Green Party in the island has also said that it ‘extends its appreciation to Dr Ranson for valiantly standing up for the interests of the good governance and proper administration of justice in the Isle of Man’.

It added: ‘Culture in Government comes from the top.

‘In the interests of transparency, accountability, and the good governance of the Isle of Man, Tynwald must be independent of Government.

‘If Mr Cannan truly believes that good governance is of “vital importance” (as per his statement in the House of Keys), he must bring to Tynwald his proposals to implement the conclusion of the 2016 review of Lord Lisvane, that the system of Departmental Members of government is not remotely sustainable.’