The House of Keys sitting on Tuesday is set to discuss the total cost of the Isle of Man Ferry Terminal in Liverpool.

Members also want to know when the facility will be completed.

Last week, the government released photos of the interior showing the departure lounge overlooking the River Mersey, stating that internal works are nearing completion.

It said that work was being done to install carpet and signage.

Though internal works are close to finished, Infrastructure Minister Chris Thomas said as recently as the end of January that the summer completion date for the terminal was under threat.

He told the House of Keys at the time that marine works had continued to ‘present challenges’ for the terminal.

This was, according to the minister, due to poor weather conditions during the winter.

The lack of progress on the marine work meant that the completion date the Department of Infrastructure had given had been put in jeopardy.

In terms of cost, the budget was also said to be at risk.

Initially projected to cost the taxpayer about £25m back in 2016, the project is now more than £70.6 million.

The Public Accounts Committee is currently investigating the decisions made about the budget of this facility.

It was supposed to report back in January this year but the document is still yet to be published.

Mr Thomas will also be answering a question on when the next holistic review of bus timetables will be undertaken.

A revised bus timetable will come into force from Monday (May 1) amid an ongoing review of Bus Vannin’s services.

It is designed to coincide with the start of the school summer term.

Douglas North MHK David Ashford wants to know on what grounds a reserved residential parking space on the highway would be withdrawn and what legislation governs the terms of any such withdrawal.

He will also be asking the minister what assessment has been undertaken of how to make buildings owned by the government more energy efficient.

The MHK wishes to find out what work is planned to enable such buildings to produce renewable energy and to utilise it to meet their own power requirements.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Lawrie Hooper will be facing a question on the Ballasalla Medical Centre.

Manx Care announced it would be taking over the management of the medical centre earlier this month.

This is being done on an interim basis from Monday and comes after the practice’s decision to formally hand back its contract.

Patients have been told they should see no changes to service and that they don’t need to take any action.

Mr Ashford is set to ask if Mr Hooper will make a statement about the management of the centre by Manx Care and about the provision of services to people on the register there.

He will also be quizzing the minister on what support Manx Care can offer to people with suspected neurodiverse conditions.

Chair of the Office of Fair Trading John Wannenburgh will yet again be talking about Isle of Man Energy and its billing problems, which have spanned over the last six months.

Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse wants to know what action is being taken against it.

The Treasury minister will be telling the House how confident he is that an electric vehicle fire aboard a Steam Packet ferry can be safely contained and what protocols are in place to achieve this.

And Enterprise Minister Tim Johnston will give details on whether employees on zero hours contracts may be required to work more than 30 hours per week and what checks are carried out to enforce this limit.