A candidate in a local authority by-election has urged people to NOT vote for her.

Adele Betteridge is one of six candidates up for election in the Port Erin Commissioners election, which is happening tomorrow, December 8.

She missed the deadline to withdraw from the ballot paper.

She said: ‘Not being elected as commissioner will allow me to pursue other opportunities.

‘Please don’t vote for me.’

She continued: ‘As you may have realised I have made the decision to not seek votes in this by-election.

‘I only knew the names of fellow candidates and had no idea what would be in their manifestos or what their views were.

‘When I made the decision to stand for Port Erin Commissioners, I did so with the belief that issues close to my heart would remain unaddressed.

‘However several fellow candidates share my views and I believe they will make excellent commissioners.’

Villagers can vote for candidates for the two vacant seats on Port Erin Commissioners from 8am to 8pm tomorrow at the commissioners’ hall.

The other candidates standing are: John Anslow, Dawn Curry, Hayley Fox, Ian Swindell and David Silvester.