The Isle of Man’s Electoral Commission is recommending changes to the boundaries of four House of Keys constituencies.

The Commission is an independent body which was appointed following the 2021 general election, with these recommended changes following an initial consultation held earlier this year.

If these changes are approved by Tynwald, the boundaries of Glenfaba/Peel, Middle, Ramsey, and either Ayre/Michael or Garff would be altered for the next general election in 2026, to ensure fair and equal representation across constituencies.

Since the 2016 general election, the Isle of Man has had twelve constituencies for the House of Keys, each with approximately the same population and each returning two members following a general election.

Chair of the Electoral Commission, Sally Bolton, said: ‘Our aim with these proposals is to ensure that constituencies are equal, and reflect the evolving population and development patterns of our island.

‘On behalf of the Commission I would also like to express my gratitude to all those who actively participated in our consultation earlier this year.’

Daphne Cain, an MHK for Garff, commented: ‘It’s been an interesting reaction to this proposal. The initial response I’ve had to this is confusion.

‘Why is there no change to the Onchan part of the Garff constituency? Can Ramsey residents and Garff/Onchan residents move fully into Garff and pay Garff Commissioners rates?

‘Identity is important, but so is representation.’

MHK for Ramsey, Lawrie Hooper, said: ‘Moving the Ramsey Queen’s Pier into Garff is a bizarre suggestion, and having parts of Ramsey not actually be in Ramsey anymore is just plain daft.

‘I show solidarity with my Onchan colleagues who have already tried to fight similar daftness last time around.’

The Electoral Commission encourages those likely to be impacted to share their views either directly or through elected representatives. The dedicated email is [email protected] or you can call 685201.