A statement will be made by the Treasury minister on the island’s financial situation in Tynwald next week.

Minister Alex Allinson previously said his department was investigating what support it could give the public this winter.

Dr Allinson stressed that any additional help should be ‘properly targeted’ and that his department would look into more signposting to make sure people don’t ‘decide to take matters into their own hands’, which may ‘impact their long-term health’.

Also on the order paper is the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee’s first report on the Isle of Man Meat Plant.

It follows an audit of the abattoir which concluded some major challenges need to be addressed.

Chair of the committee Rob Mercer will move that Tynwald should be of the opinion that the Meat Plant is a ‘significant strategic asset’ for the island and has been ‘severely affected’ by a number of changes in agricultural policies and external legislative pressures over the last 15 years.

He will also move that putting any commercial enterprise into government ownership should be a ‘major policy decision which should be scrutinised and voted on by Tynwald’ and that the Council of Ministers should develop a policy on government ownership for consideration in Tynwald.

Also, the equity in Isle of Man Meats Company held by Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture should be transferred to Treasury ‘urgently’, and Meat Plant governance, management, regulation, strategy and operations should be reviewed and reformed as soon as is practical.

In the question paper for the sitting, Garff MHK Daphne Caine will ask the Treasury minister what the total financial support provided to Laxey Glen Mills Ltd this year is and whether this is expected to secure its operation in the future.

This comes after Ramsey Bakery, which purchased around 90% of the flour the mill produced, shut its doors earlier this year.

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan will be asked whether the Council of Ministers or a committee of the council instructed the Department of Infrastructure to delay the scheduled improvement works to the A5.

Meanwhile, the infrastructure minister will be asked when improvements to the A5 north of the Fairy Bridge will begin.

Chris Thomas will also be answering queries on the legislation which governs the use of e-scooters on public highways.

An update will also be sought for the Department of Education, Sport and Culture funding review.