Four new members will be elected to the Legislative Council on Tuesday.

There are a total of 11 nominees and members of the House of Keys will vote four in for a term of five years.

Of the 11 MLC seats, four MLCs retire at a time, and four new members are then elected.

The Legislative Council is the upper chamber of Tynwald where members are lawmakers, meaning they consider draft primary legislation.

Those chosen will serve until February 28, 2028 in place of Tanya August-Hanson, Paul Craine, Diane Kelsey, and Marlene Maska.

Of the four members retiring, Marlene Maska is the only one who is not standing again.

Nominees are Diane Kelsey, Tanya August-Hanson, Paul Craine, Kirree Anne Jenkins, Conor Keenan, Dawn Kinnish, Peter Reid, Marie Birtles, Gary Clueit, Brian Brumby, and David Prictor.

In the past, MLCs were mostly former MHKs, however this has changed over the last 15 years or so.

None of the current candidates have experience as an MHK.