Government reviewing its TT branding stance

Rob Callister MHK ()

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The government has reviewed its controversial stance on demanding fees for the right to use TT branding and has issued new guidance notes.

Department of Economic Development member Rob Callister defended the approach taken, which came under scrutiny in the House of Keys today after a series of rows.

He told members: ’Sponsorship and licensing has grown tenfold since this policy was adopted to over £2.6 million of direct income each and every year, which is then offset directly against some of the running costs associated with this fantastic event.

’The current licences generate around £878,000 (2016/17), which is compared to just £249,000 in 2011/12.’

TV rights on their own, he said, had produced £500,000 in direct revenue.

There was a huge stand-off earlier this year, between Bushy’s and the DED over the brewery’s use of TT in its merchandise, before a deal was struck. Since then, local crafters have been told they needed to pay for the right to use the branding and, in the latest incident, Ramsey Commissioners have agreed to pay £250 over five years to allow the TT logo to be used in Mooragh Park’s crazy golf course.

’The Isle of Man has an incredibly strong brand in the TT, which also brings in additional tourism and economic benefits to this island,’ Mr Callister told MHKs today.

’For that reason this island and our department has a duty to protect the TT brand from unauthorised use and from any potential repetitional damage to the Isle of Man, its commercial partners and from any potential loss of revenue in the future, which is so vital to this event.

’I can confirm here today that our department has reviewed its trademark and word mark policy and a full copy this document, along with new guidance notes and an application form will be available online at’

He added: ’I am hoping that these documents will give clear guidelines to businesses, charities and Individuals on and off the island looking to use the TT trademarks and word marks in the future.

’We will continue to permit the on-island use of the word mark TT for naming, advertising and the promotion of services such as TT cafes, and TT tearooms etc without requiring a licence to help local businesses on island to promote and support this fabulous event.

’Local businesses and Individuals wishing to use the official TT Logos as an official partner, must be licensed.

’We have also made it easier for Isle of Man registered charities or not for profit organisations to use the Word Mark or Trade Marks - and if a licence is required, it will be issued free of charge.’

Businesses or charities off island will still require a licence.

He revealed the DED has a dedicated e-mail address for any enquiries: [email protected]

Read more on this in Thursday’s Manx Independent.

Today’s Examiner reveals that the operators of a crazy golf course in Ramsey had to pay for using TT branding.


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