Four new members will be elected to the Legislative Council on Tuesday.

There are a total of 11 nominees and members of the House of Keys will vote four in for a term of five years.

Of the 11 MLC seats, four MLCs retire at a time, and four new members are then elected.

Those chosen will serve until February 28, 2028.

Those standing are Kirrie Anne Jenkins, Conor Keenan, Dawn Kinnish, Peter Reid, Marie Birtles, Gary Clueit, Brian Brumby and David Prictor.

Hoping to win back their seats are Diane Kelsey, Tanya August-Hanson and Paul Craine.

There are 16 questions on the agenda for the sitting.

A number of questions are tabled about the electricity tariff price hike for Chief Minister Alfred Cannan and Treasury Minister Alex Allinson.

These include on which dates the Council of Ministers discussed the impact on households and businesses, what dates in the last three months discussions have been held with the Manx Utilities Authority about the losses it has incurred since September 2021, and what economic impact assessment has been undertaken, for both domestic and business users.

Manx Utilities chair Tim Johnston will also be asked how often electricity tariffs will be reviewed and whether any drop in wholesale gas prices will be reflected in mid-year reductions in consumer tariffs, as well as what independent advice was received before the March 6, 2023 announcement.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Julie Edge will be quizzed on the Relationships and Sex Education curriculum which was halted last month following a number of complaints and concerns.

Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse wants to know why full details of the scope and time frame for the investigation into the curriculum have not been published.

An investigator was appointed last week and is putting together a report to determine what action the department will now need to take.

Ms Edge will also be asked what has been done since March 30, 2022 about the teaching by religious groups of transitional programmes and personal, social, health and economic education and what support is provided to low-income families with children studying food technology at school.

An update will also be sought on the proposed science, technology, engineering and mathematics block at Queen Elizabeth II High School.

Douglas East MHK Joney Faragher will ask Environment Minister Clare Barber whether all options were explored before the decision was taken prohibit camping at Sulby Claddaghs this year.

It was announced last month that people would not be able to stay overnight at the Sulby Claddagh while its condemned toilet block is demolished and a consultation is carried out.

The Department of the Environment, Food and Agriculture described the operation as ‘unsustainable’ in its current form.

The government is now considering a U-turn on its decision to close the campsite following a public meeting.

Infrastructure Minister Chris Thomas will be discussing Peel marina silt and whether he considers the Douglas Promenade Scheme complete, plus how much it has cost.

He will address how many driving tests have been carried out in each of the last three years and what the failure rate has been.