Serial election contester Kevin Oliphant-Smith now wants to be a commissioner in Patrick.

He says his knowledge of House of Keys elections is ‘good experience’ for being a commissioner.

He has previously stood for Douglas Council, and was elected to the council in 2016 but stood down six weeks later.

He has also stood for the House of Keys twice.

A by-election for a new commissioner in Patrick is being held on Thursday, June 15.

He says if elected he would try and shine a ‘spotlight’ on issues facing the parish, which encompasses Foxdale, Glen Maye, Patrick village and Dalby.

He told local democracy reporter Emma Draper: ‘I was asked by some local residents to stand in the area with my previous history of standing for political elections.

‘They thought that I might be someone that’s worth while representing them.’

The first time he stood for election was in 2012, when he unsuccessfully contested Douglas Council’s Hills Ward.

He stood for a by-election for the Keys for Douglas South and in the general election and most recently ne in Douglas North.

He said: ‘I just feel that I’ve still got that passion and the experience from that those last 10 years I suppose.’

So what would he try and do for residents, if elected?

‘The parish of Patrick is like many other parts of the island, has similar issues.

‘It’s all across the island, such as roads, hedge cutting, rubbish, speeding through local villages is a big one.

‘So, you know, there’s those little issues as well. But what I’m getting on the doorstep.

‘They feel like they don’t have a voice. They feel like they’re ignored, they’re not listened to. There’s very much lack of representation there, and I’m hoping to fill that gap.’

He said a lot of people were bringing up national issues with him.

‘I know as a commissioner, if I were successfully elected, that wouldn’t necessarily be my scope.

‘However, as I’ve said to those people on the doorstep, I would still be very happy and willing to push those issues forward to their local MHK, or just make a bigger issue of it publicly and get the spotlight on those issues.’

The other candidate standing for election is Richard Jones.