Manx Children’s Art Therapy held a fashion show at Aaragon Mooar, the home of Dr John C. Taylor, in Santon.

The evening opened with a champagne reception and then the fashion show got underway. But this show was a bit different as it featured only ‘circular’ fashion – what might have been called ‘preloved’, ‘vintage’ or ‘secondhand’ previously is now valued as an eco-friendly choice because it reduces waste.

These were all very high end garments: a neat little Gucci leather jacket, a huge cashmere and fox fur swirly cape, other garments by Roland Mouret and other designers. Many of the items were snapped up by guests after the show.

Following the show there was a silent auction with guests having the opportunity to bid for a limited edition print entitled ‘The Gift’ by Bruno Callavec.

The Teapot Trust charity was founded by Dr Taylor’s daughter, Dr Laura Young, in Scotland where she lives. It was initally known by this name on the island but it has been renamed here as Manx Children’s Art Therapy.

The charity works in partnership with The Children’s Centre at its farm in Braddan, where it provides a clinical art psychotherapy service four days a week to help children living with long-term physical or mental health problems, and to help support their families. It provides a way to express, process and share thoughts and feelings that, particularly for a young child, can be difficult to articulate verbally.