Plans have been submitted to create a new enterprise park in Kewaigue focused on staying environmentally friendly.

The Kewaigue Enterprise Park plans would see 34 units constructed at the Heron & Brearley Distribution Centre.

The site is currently made up of a warehouse and an office block, but the company says that the brewing area for their beer products is “now oversized”.

Due to this and a reduction in workers needing to use the offices, the company has formulated a plan to best maximise the space on site.

The new plans will see the current warehouse redeveloped to include some office space, meaning that the current office block and its adjoining car park can be demolished to make way for new units.

There are plans for 34 new industrial units where the office block currently is, which will have a total area of 75 square metres.

The units will be designed for general use and light industrial use, and Heron & Brearley (H&B) plans to rent out the units or potentially sell them as a revenue stream.

In the planning application, the company commented: “A feasibility study was carried out where it became evident that with some internal re-planning of the existing warehouse, which includes a consolidation of the now oversized brewing area, H&B’s various enterprises including head office personnel can be accommodated within the envelope of the existing warehouse.

“This frees up space for the area currently occupied by the current office block of 791 square metres and associated car park to be developed.

“Kewaigue Enterprise Park comprises 34 units with an internal floor area of 75 square metres that will be able to accommodate a wide spectrum of general and light industrial uses, set in an attractive landscaped environment.”

The application has been submitted to the Manx Government and is currently pending consideration.