Reporting by Emma Draper

A Ramsey commissioner has called for the local authority’s north and south wards to merge into one.

Ffinlo Williams believes it would make local elections more equal due to the population of Ramsey being unevenly divided, with the northern ward having a bigger population.

However, he acknowledges previous concerns have been raised about the financial cost of merging the wards.

Mr Williams is encouraging residents on both sides to read the motion and contact their respective commissioners with their views.

He said: ‘I’ve tried in the past and it has failed. The arguments have always been on the financial side of things, and obviously we have a duty to the ratepayers and elections are quite costly.

‘It seems bizarre now that if someone stood in the south ward, there’s less than 50% of the voters of the town eligible to vote for them. It’s literally just about giving that fairness.’