Ramsey Commissioners put through three motions during their recent meeting based on communication and planning within the town.

The first motion, put forward by commissioner Sandra Cottam-Shea, proposed to restart quarterly surgeries for the public to be able to meet the authority.

Another suggestion was to update the website so that it can be ‘utilised to its fullest potential’.

The second motion was proposed by Juan McGuinness, who said that options should be put forward for the land on Poyll Dooey Road, next to the commissioners’ workshop, in time for the budget setting process by the end of the year.

The final motion was from Lamara Craine, who proposed to have more street art around the town.

Ms Craine suggested having boards painted by local artists, with different themes including the TT and ‘coastal landscapes’ - with a view to auction some boards to raise money for future art projects.

All three motions were unanimously approved by the board.

Reporting from Emma Draper