Ramsey man who stole a neighbour’s post containing vaping materials has been put on probation for a year.

Gary Robert Bowie also stole lager from Shoprite.

The 31-year-old admitted two counts of theft and was ordered to pay £51.99 compensation to his neighbour.

We previously reported that a parcel containing vaping products had been ordered by the complainant online, on May 10.

It was delivered to the communal area, at a property at Brookhill Road, where the complainant and Bowie both live.

However, the intended recipient never received it.

Police executed a search warrant at Bowie’s address, acting on information received.

They found the vaping products, valued at £51.99, in a drawer there.

During a police interview, Bowie claimed that he had bought the items from an associate, but had no proof,and would not identify him.

On August 2, Bowie was seen leaving Shoprite in Ramsey, carrying a four-pack of Carling lager, without paying.

CCTV footage was viewed and confirmed this.

He was arrested and answered ‘no comment’ to all questions during a police interview.

Deputy High Bailiff Rachael Braidwood said that she had read the probation report and was minded to follow its recommendation for a probation order.

Defence advocate David Clegg said that he would also endorse the recommendation, adding that his client had never received supervision and this would be beneficial.

Bowie was also ordered to pay £175 prosecution costs and will pay all amounts at a rate of £10 per week, deducted from benefits.