A Douglas resident has protested about overflowing bins by wheeling one to Douglas Town Hall.

A continuing dispute has seen Mark Wheeler report the location of the bins at the Rosemount, a pub in Woodbourne Road.

He says that his action was spurred by the change to fortnightly refuse collections.

However, according to the council, fortnightly collections does not apply to commercial waste.

Now Mr Wheeler says that every time he leaves his house he has to see and walk past the overflowing bins.

He says that the bins shouldn’t be kept in that location because it is public land, although this has been disputed by Douglas Council.

After three months of back and forth with the council, Mr Wheeler decided to wheel an empty Rosemount bin to the town hall yesterday.

A woman who was working at the desk said that she would get someone to look into it, and that someone from the council would be in contact.

While no one had been in contact with Mr Wheeler since his protest, the bin was returned to the Rosemount later that day.

The incident was reported to the police, who spoke to Mr Wheeler for stealing a bin from the brewery.