The winners of the Cronk-y-Voddy ploughing matches that were held on January 14 and 21 at Ballagyr, were presented with their prizes at a supper and concert event at St John’s hall.

The results of the two matches were as follows: Cronk-y-Voddy Ploughing Match January 14 Manx Style: 1, Micky Craine; 2, Peter Faragher; 3,Emma Faragher.

Vintage Class: 1, Alan Radcliffe; 2, Chris Clegg; 3, Dave Corrin. World Style: 1, Colin Duggan; 2, Steve Ennett; 3, Stewart Callow

Horse Ploughing: 1, Nicola Rawnsley

Best Butt of ploughing, Blue Ribbon, Philip Caine Memorial Shield and JD Faulknors voucher to Nicola Rawnsley

Cronk-y-Voddy Horse Ploughing Match January 21 Horses: 1, Nicola Rawnsley

Manx Style: 1, Peter Faragher: 2, Mickey Craine: 3, Emma Faragher. Vintage Class: 1, Alan Radcliffe; 2, Francis Garnett-Ore; 3, Derek Kermeen. World Style: 1, Steve Ennett; 2, Colin Duggan; 3, Stuart Callow

Organiser Gordon Clague said: ‘The Cronk-y-Voddy society has raised £4,000 over the last 12 months from all the various events they held, including the Tynwald day sports, the Big Spud competition and Produce Show.

‘A cheque for £4,000 was presented to the Peel branch of the RNLI and was accepted by Allen Corlett, captain of the Parish. Alan is a volunteer for the Peel branch and he gave us an interesting talk on the work they carry out and an insight about the forthcoming plans for the 200th year anniversary of the RNLI next year.

‘We would like to thank Dot Tilbury for compering for the evening, and to all the talented local artists for the wonderful entertainment.

‘Also thanks to Allen Corlett who kindly hosted the ploughing matches and to our competitors, judges, catering team and everyone who helped on the day.’