The road outside the Bay Queen Hotel development site in Port St Mary is set to shut for nearly a year.

The route, which lies directly adjacent to the building site at the bottom of Port St Mary Promenade, will close from April 19 2024 until April 1 2025.

A spokesperson from Port St Mary Commissioners has confirmed that the properties near the site will still be accessible to residents, as well as the track that leads down to Gansey Road.

The remains of the deteriorating Bay Queen Hotel building were purchased - along with the surrounding land - for £4 million by Hartford Homes in 2007 after falling into a state of disrepair. Demolition work at the site started in late 2021.

Once finished, the new development will include 23 apartments (including balconies), consisting of two, three and four-bedroom layouts.

A planning bid for the development was first approved in 2019.

However, a number of amendments were subsequently made to the plans, mainly affecting the front section of the building but not its overall design, as part of a new application which was approved in 2021.

Plans for a stand-alone restaurant were dropped, in favour of a ’flexible’ ground floor space which could be used as a spa/wellness centre alongside an attached cafe.

The new building will still include two tower features reminiscent of those of the original hotel, which was derelict since it closed in 1994.


A by-election will be held next month to fill two vacant seats on Port St Mary Commissioners.

The three candidates standing are James Helps, David Scott and Jean Teare.

Residents will be able to vote on April 18 from 8am until 8pm, at Port St Mary Town Hall.

The by-election follows the death of long-standing commissioner Alan Grace, who passed away in December 2023.